Holistic Therapies


A gentle art using a theraputic pressure on precise reflex points on the feet, which correspond with organs, glands and body systems.  Deeply relaxing, theraputic detoxifying and balance.

Reflexology Options

  • Reflexology, 50 minutes £32
  • Reflexology plus back massage, 75 minutes £55
  • Reflexology plus toe polish, 60 minutes £37
  • Reflexology plus luxury pedicure, 90 minutes £55

Hopi Ear Candle

A relaxing treament effective for colds, sinusitis, tinnitus, headaches, irritation in the ears, excessive wax production, balancing ear pressure after diving or flying.  A painless and natural alternative to ear syringing.  The treament includes a relaxing indian head & facial pressure point massage.

  • 40 minutes £28

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